At first this homebrew was only for me but it seemed that some people liked it so I decided to release it after minor modifications. It's a really simple sound-box that allows you to design very quickly basic musical patterns. The main idea come from this video which lead me to the Monome website. I would like to thank Romuald Genevois who made again a wonderful work for the design of this hombrew.

Video transfer from PSP to (PSP | PC)

This homebrew is a "never-finished-work-in-progress" project. But I spent to much time on it for not showing it here. It allows you to send, in real time, the video taken by the PSP camera to another device using the wireless connexion and basic TCP socket. It means that the foreign device can be anything with a network connexion. I made one server program running on the PSP and many client programs using different support (PSP and PC) and different programming language (C, Ruby, Java). As I have absolutely no knowledge in video compression, I send the video frame by frame using a basic discrete wavelet transform algorithm to compress images. You can watch the results I got on Youtube or Dailymotion.

Evite moi ca !

Three days after the release of "A Vos Masques", I released this other game that use the PSP camera. This one is more fun than the previous one because it's actually almost a real game and its gameplay is only based on the camera and motion. In this game you are in charge of a spacecraft and your mission is to avoid as many asteroid as you can. The original part of this game is that to move your spacecraft you have to aim a red object with the camera and the ship will follow it. In the picture above, I'm using a small Spiderman figurine.

A vos masques

As far as I know it's the world first homebrew that use the PSP camera. The goal of this homebrew is to film yourself using the camera and add some masks above the pictures flow. Ok it's very basic and the Go!Edit software already do it in a better way but anyway. I made it to get familiar with the camera API. For this API I would like to thank Kururin from the forum. He made all the reverse-engineering work allowing people like me to use this wonderful device.

Who is on fire !

It's only the best game I ever made ! It's in the same time my favorite one, the most successful one (I found at least 50 website speaking of it all around the world) and also the most time-consuming project I made. At the beginning it was a LUA game but as the project was growing I felt the need to use a more efficient programming language, so after 3 weeks I re-writed it from scratch using C language. I was able to add a lot of effects to the game but also to make my 2D game engine (AGCK) available on the PSP. This game is one of the "Top Homebrew" of the french PspGen website and I'm quite proud of this. I would like to thank Romuald Genevois who made all the design part of this game which is one of the main reasons this game got so much attention.

Four in a row

Just after the previous one, I made this second homebrew for the Sony PSP. Again it's a LUA coded game. It's a simple "Four in a row" game where you play against a not-so-basic AI. I made this one to implement some algorithm seen in my Artificial Intelligence class at university. I would like to thank Yan2Yan for the design of this game.

Yet another pong

Here is my very first step in the wonderful world of the PSP underground. It's also my first game made using the LUA programming language. So, as every time I discover a new language, my first game is a basic two-player pong.


On a regular afternoon break at CVLab, a discussion was about to wake us (Pol, Raphael, Pen and Antoine) from our boredom.
"Chess, to brainy. BattleShip, lack some action... But wait, what if we mixed both ?"
BattleChess was born. Mixing rules from both games to make a new exciting one.
This is a 2 player online game with a server application running on The project is hosted on my server using git which allows users to get updates easily.
For code and instructions, please visit : the project page

Chip8 Emulator

This is a small project I was very interested to try for a long time without actually dare to give it a shot. It seemed to me that writing an emulator would requiere deep knowledge in optimisation and other low-level programming skills. Turns out I might have them because it all went quite fine. I started this project by following a tutorial but ended up doing most of the code by myself, in python, using pygame for the rendering part.
More details are available on the project page.

Music Quizz

It took me more than five years to actually get this project done. not that it's difficult or anything, I just couldn't get enough motivation. Turns out all it took was a sleepless night. Still I'm gald I waited, because if I would have done it before I would have use C and Qt probably, it would have been nice sure but it would never have been as easy as it was using python and kivy.
This games provides a nice and colorful GUI well suited for touchscreen displays. It uses only the music files available on the player computer. The first time the app is launched, it parses quickly all the mp3 files available and build a very light database so that next time you can directly play.

Chu-Chu Rocket

As all my other games, this one is also a remake. Chu-Chu Rocket is the first online multiplayer game not running on a PC, it was a Dreamcast game. I made my best to fit the original gameplay and I think it's not so bad. So for those who never played this game, it's a puzzle game where you have to guide a group of mice (Chu) to the rocket without being eaten by the cats (Kapu). To do so you have some arrows that you can put on the ground to make the mice and cats change there ways. The game also includes a level editor so you can design and share your own levels.

Mosaic generator

This software can be used to create a mosaic of an image using a set of miniatures images coming from your image library. There are a lot of parameters that can be modified by the user, such as color space, size of the tiles, cheating degree, redundancy control...


This is another software I made to practice before an exam (MMI / C++). It's only a couple of softwares (server and client) for multi-user chat. There are also some specific commands users can send to the server to obtain some informations.


This is a scholar project for the Unix & System class of my B.Sc. The subject was to study multi-threading (parallel threads and processes), pipes, shared memory... I made this work with a friend. The goal of this software is to drop robot on a ground and make them fight each-other. The user has a SDL display representing the world in realtime and a Ncurse shell to interact with it. Each robot is a different thread and the two windows are separate processes talking to each-other using a pipe.


This is a Tetris-like game ; I waited at least one year before starting this project, I was scared by the difficulty and eventually I was almost disappointed to make it work easily... So as usual the game include online ranking using high-score, multiple difficulty levels and disgustingly bad-looking design.

Conway's game of life

For those who don't know the Game of life from J. Conway you may please leave my website (or read the wikipedia page on it). So this is my personal implementation of this game, the only rule I add is that the world is closed (the right side is connected to the left side, same for top and bottom). This game include two binaries, one for editing a starting pattern and one for simulating the game.

Pong online

I made this game only to practice before a C exam. Its first version was a 2-gamers offline pong and some time after I made this version that allows 2 player to fight over the internet.


This game is inspired by the wonderful Ikaruga on Dreamcast. It's a side-scrolling shoot'em up where you control a plane that can change color. The idea is that you can only shoot (and be shot by) the enemies of the opposite color. Being hit by bullets from the same color as yours allows your plane to regain health. The game include 3 different planes, 4 different ennemies (plus a final boss), mouse or keyboard control and online high-score system.


This is the first game I ever made myself. It's a really simple but complete Breakout-like with 4 different levels, high-score system and an annoying music :)