Mael's multi-pitch route

On a chilly afternoon of April, Mael took me on a adventure. He needed someone to help him clean a route he, and some friend of his, have been working on for a few years now. All the gear is set but ther is still plenty of mud, grass and even trees in the way. So we rode bikes there, walked/climbed Néron from the back and rappeled all the way down, cleaning all we could. So obviously it wasn't a rock-climbing day; but still, a day well spent, hanging from a rope 250m high cuting trees down or scratching the mud with an ice axe.

Kite at Miramar

After a month of unsucessful attemps, I finally managed to get some kite aerial pictures from Miramar peninsula. Thanks to Colin's kids kite I was able to send my camera up in the air and takes some nice pictures. Even though the kite doesn't go very high, both Evans Bay and Lyall Bay are visible, on each side of the airport. I also took a video, but be awareof its extrem shakiness, if you had lunch lately maybe you should wait a few hours...
Also you'll find a full panorama here.

Abel Tasman National Park

Three days hike with Cedric across one of the most amazing park of New Zealand. We were lucky to have an awesome weather that allowed us to realy enjoy the trip. The track goes trough many bays, beaches and forest. After a good day hiking we would stay in one of the DOC's hut and possibly enjoy a cold swim before diner.

Tahiti : work in progress...

Use thumbnail images to access each gallery. Here is the order : Aorai hike, diving session at Rangiroa, 2 days in Tikehau, Kite Aerial Photography, Manta rays, Lavatubes hike, and some random stuff that didn't fit anywhere else.

Road trip New Zealand : South Island

"Antoine's South Island of New Zealand 2012 tour". First I took the ferry from Wellington to Picton. Then I drove on the scenic road up to Marahau, just at the border of Abel Tasman National Park. I spent the second day kayaking along the bays of the park. The next day I drove to Greymouth which is with most certainty the ugliest city in NZ. But the west coast is just stunning. The following day I crossed the island from west to east through Arthur's pass and reached Christchurch. The tour guide I had with me listed plenty of nice things to see and do in this town but none of them is still standing... The best moment of my trip was the hike I did at the bottom of Mount Cook. It almost felt like home. Then I drove all the way back to Picton.

La tête des Chaudières

Ski and snowshoe day in Vercors with many friends from the lab, Caro, Maël, Laurentiu, Jelmer and Michel. It was quite a short route but we all enjoyed it. Thanks to the great spring weather and the awesome picnic. Snow wasn't that bad for the time.
You'll find a full panorama here.

Goulotte à pépé

Very nice and quite easy winter mountaineering with Romain. We went to Villard de Lans to climb this gully. The topo mentions two different access : the first being by feet and the second uses the cable car. Next time we'll definitly take the cable car option, the gully is unbelievably far from the car park :)

La Dent du Pra

First cross country ski outing of 2012. Following the wise advice of Maël and Caro, we went to La Dent du Pra, 2600m.
You'll find a full panorama here.

Mont Aiguille - tour des gémeaux

Multi-pitch climbing to reach the top of the famous Mont Aiguille in Vercors. It's a quite easy and short route, just what we needed to end a very nice climbing extended week-end with Romain.

La voie du toit

300m multi-pitch climbing in Vercors with Romain, Régis and Michel. The middle of the route goes through an amazing roof, which is basicaly the only interst of the place. The remaning 8 pitches are filled with rocks ready to fall.

Goulotte du Chien

Very nice end of winter mountaineering with Romain. It was an easy mixed climbing route in Chamrousse. Perfect for training in placing gears for protection. The weather was continuiously changing, hence the alternance of sun and mist in the pictures.

Col de la pierre

Cross country ski with Carole and Régis . The snow was quite good considering it was more than a month after the last snow fall :(

Ice Climbing at Alpes d'Huez

Very first atempt at ice climbing on a sunny saturday at Alpes d'Huez with some people from GUCEM. I'll have to go back as soon as possible.

Du V à tire-larigot - Tête de la Maye

Multi-pitch climbing with Régis in La Bérarde. It's a quite long climb with 14 pitches for a total of 360 meters of ascent. It's also the toughest multi-pitch climb I did since, as the name says, almost everything is in V/V+.
You may find a topo on this page (fr).

Rave Party - Grand Pic de la Lauzière

Yet another multi-pitch climbing with Régis. It tooks us two hours of hiking to reach the rock ; then again two hours of awesome climbing. It was quite easy with some short tough parts. The worst part of the day was clearly the way back, four hours of hiking in stones and other steep fields...
Once again, you will find a full panorama I made on this page.

Croix de Belledonne

Two days hike with Kiran and Avinash in Belledonne. It was the first long hike for Avinash ant the first in a looong time for Kiran. It was quite an eventful hike but we had a great time anyhow.

La Pisse waterfall

Multi-pitch climbing in Oisans with Romain. 300m of climbing just next to this huge waterfall. Despite the sunny and hot weather, we managed to stay cool thanks to the wind continiously blowing some water on the rock.
You can have a look at the topo on this page (fr).

Poussez pas derrière

Multi-pitch climbing at Dent de Crolles with Régis. Far better than staying in the lab the whole day. It tooks us around 3 hours to complete the seven pitchs of this climb. There was alot more people on the usual hiking path on this beautiful monday of august. On the way back we stoped to climb the famous rock on the "pas de l'oeil".
You may find a full panorama I made on this page.

Aiguille du Goléon

My first attempt at mountaineering with Gaëtan as leader and Amandine, Julie and Benjamin as roped party fellows. It was an easy hike, great for beginners like us. Every funny elements of mountaineering were here, a glacier, a ridge, a summit and some local wildlife.

La Grande Ruine

Cross contry ski in Ecrins with Régis, Gaëtan and Amaël. We woke up at 2am, walked until midday then split the group in two teams ; Régis and Gaëtan heading to the summit (3800m) and Amaël and I resting a little bit before reaching painfully 3000m... As you'll see on the pictures, the second half of the day was quite snowy. That's the reason why, despite they reached the summit, Régis and Gaëtan couldn't bring better images.
tl;dr : It was an awesome day !

La Rama

Cross country ski near Gap with Carole and Régis. The weather wasn't perfect during the way to the summit but eventualy the sky turned blue as we reached our goal. Also the snow was missing for the first meters which led to some hiking in the mud but it was a very nice day anyway.


Cross contry ski in Belledonne with Régis, Gaëtan and Benjamin.

Combe aux chevaux

Cross country ski in "les Bauges" with Régis on a cloudy february day.


Some pictures taken by night last spring. Setting a huge exposition time allows you to draw on the picture using a flashlight or any light source.


Almost the same idea than LightWriting but this time I used another camera which has a colored flash to fix many times with different colours the same subject on a single picture.

Little planet

Using a home-made software I managed to transform some panorama. The result looks like a little planet if the initial panorama is complete, that is 360° from left to right and 180° from bottom to top.


Some photography taken using a very cheap plastic camera called Holga. I'll just quote the descrition.
Holga neither knows nor respects any rules. Its sheer simplicity is your key to power. Think of the Holga not as a camera, but as paintbrush, liberally splashing your medium-format canvas with exactly the elements that you choose. Envision your desires and manipulate your Holga to bring them into reality.


This pictures come from another plastic camera called Supersampler. Once again I'll use the definition given by the people who build it.
Aim the Supersampler at your moving (or non-moving) subject, pull the ripcord, press the tiny button - and voila! You have just "sampled" your subject into four panoramic panels. So how on earth is this possible?! See those four beady eyes nestled in front of its plastic body? Those are the ultra-talented, super-sharp lenses that slice your image into four panels. Results are wickedly cool if your subject is in hyperactive motion, or if you prefer to shoot non-moving objects, you'll have to do the jumping and moving!

Alone in the dark

Last Summer, on a boring day, I took my bag and spent the night alone in the mountain near "Dent de Crolles". I really enjoyed the calm, the sunset and sunrise over Chartreuse and Belledonne respectively.


I spent two weeks in Portugal during the summer 2008. during the first one i went to a huge festival and during the second I did the usual tourist stuff, Lisbone, Porto, ...


Some pictures taken during a short trip in Scotland, Edimburg to be exact. Great place to spend the St Patrick's day !